Welcome To Icebreaker Tibetan Mastiffs


In the following pages I hope you will become as interested and intrigued by this remarkable breed as I have and want to learn more. As you can imagine with a breed as ancient as the Tibetan Mastiff, over the years, much has been written and I would not dream of trying to precis such a large amount of information. My observations are based upon my short time with my own dogs, however on my links page you will find details of some vastly experienced Tibetan Mastiff owners (and some relative newcomers like myself) and I urge you to visit their websites as well.  
The picture below was taken the day after the Tibetan Mastiff Club of Great Britain 2014 Autumn Show where, under Tibetan Breeds Specialist Jane Paradise, our home-bred youngster Empress did rather well winning;
The Open Bitch class
Best Bitch in Breed
Best in Show
All this and yet to turn 20 months.
Empress TMCGB win