Featured below are some of the puppies we have bred - at various ages. 

 This page will be updated as often as is possible - so please check back. 


Gunn x Fuby puppies at 6 weeks.

FP1 6w 


Gunn x Wilma puppies at 5 weeks.

Wilma puppies 5 weeks


Gunn x Fuby  bitch puppy at 9 weeks.

The empress


Socialisation is of paramount importance and we take it very seriously - that dosn't mean it can't be fun!

out with friends 


Gunn x Fuby bitch puppy. 



Three of our gang ( all aged 6 months) cooling off after a long day at Bournemouth Championship Show.

new forest 


Huxley (Icebreaker King of the Pecos) at 9 months. 

hux 9 months 


Gunn x Wilma puppy aged 17 months. 



Hux run 

Huxley at Kingston Canine Open Show in the working Group, having won Best of Breed.