is a small kennel, based in Southern England.
My interest in Tibetan Mastiffs began in the late 1990's although my first TM did not arrive until 2003. Since then I have met some lovely people, amazing dogs and travelled the world- all thanks to this remarkable breed.
We have a number of Tibetan Mastiffs here, of various colours, and as you can imagine they take up a fair amount of my time. In addition updating the website is also a time consuming task and there are only so many hours in a day. Bearing that in mind I have decided to change the website - from now on it will mainly feature our show team.
My first TMs were from Shirley Cawthorne, of Bheara Tibetan Mastiffs, in Somerset and these dogs Harvey (Bheara Tay-Mo Star) and George (Bheara Chu Tsen) were a great introduction to the breed for me and were great ambassadors for the breed - converting many sceptics and convincing many that this was the breed for them. Some of their relations can be seen in the show ring today (normally with Shirley at the other end of the lead) especially the offspring of Wilma (Montasamara Ku Tso) and her sister Kraka (Montasamara Mtsho at Bheara) both bred by Al Worley.
Over the last few years we have imported a number of dogs from Europe. Some have gone on to play a part in our breeding plans whilst others have not - those dogs that did not figure in our plans have been excluded simply because they were not exactly want we wanted - not through any fault of the breeders.
All of our imports were here before dogs could enter the UK at 15 weeks and I will be forever grateful to Eva Marton (Seng Khri) and Jarmila Bendova (Sundari) for agreeing to look after these dogs, through their difficult growing and teenager stages, until they were nearly 10 months old.    
Currently I am, in the main, showing The Empress and Huxley who are both a handful! This brother and sister were bred out of 2 dogs we imported from the Seng Khri Kennels in Hungary - Seng Khri Fubao and Seng Khri Gun. 
I am happy to answer questions and supply information about any of my other dogs and will always help where I can.
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