BREEDING PLANS - please contact me to discuss our plans
We are considering breeding a litter this winter however given the current situation this is subject to change and, as usual, we will only breed a litter if there is sufficient interest from suitable homes.
Whoever you end up getting your puppy from both parents should have been hip and elbow scored with good results. 
If you would like further information please ask.
Bringing a large number of new Tibetan Mastiffs into the world is something we take very seriously and, if you decide you would like an Icebreaker Tibetan Mastiff, the first thing we ask is that you complete our Puppy Questionnaire. This is a short but important document that lets us know that you are serious about having a TM and also gives us an idea about what sort of puppy would suit you. 
Please use the "contact us" page to request a questionnaire.
I am always happy to offer advice and will try my best to answer any questions you may have.